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Healthy meal planning app

A Nordic diet hit!
This new app gives tips and personalised recommendations on how to improve your nutrition according to Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NRR). NNR describe which foods are good for human health and form the scientific base for nutrition policies and dietary guidelines in all of the Nordic countries. For more information, visit Nordic Nutrition Recommendations
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Key features


Nordic Diet Pyramid

Is Nordic Diet the healthiest way to eat? Yes!
This balanced eating plan recognised by Word Health Organization (WHO) provides a healthier and longer life by improving your nutritional habits. For more information about Nordic Diet,
go to

AI - powered

Personalised recommendations are based on Artificial Intelligence solutions.


Below you can find a list of restaurants, cafes and supermarkets who are now our partners. The list of partners is constantly growing.


In your recipe selection do you also take into consideration people who follow special diets, people who have intolerances?
Yes, we have taken into account people who cultivate special diets such as veganism, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, casein intolerance. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or want to avoid or reduce gluten consumption for other reasons, you can also find recipes without gluten in our recipe selection.

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Nimetu kujundus-4.png
Nimetu kujundus-5.png
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